The San Francisco Institute of Music is a Bay Area music school that offers a system of comprehensive music instruction, with an emphasis on the development of perfect fundamentals. A student's entire future development is dependent on a correct start. From the first moment of learning to play a musical instrument a student's brain forms neural connections and pathways, commonly referred to as "muscle memory." Unless these connections are correct a student will be blocked from reaching their full potential. Muscle memory is either a powerful ally or a nearly impossible impediment. All advanced, virtuoso technique is derived from fundamental principles. Therefore, the development of great technique and virtuoso ability is dependent upon the perfection of fundamentals.

The SFIM Method insures that all of our students learn correctly from the beginning of their studies. 
Additionally, the SFIM Method allows students to advance rapidly, with significantly less practice time than is traditionally assumed because our system makes playing much easier, which allows students to become masterful performers, yet maintain a balanced life. They learn the art of music-making.

We employ a bel canto approach to learning an instrument. Bel canto means "beautiful singing"--a smooth connection between notes, which ultimately leads to a beautiful sound and a facile, unforced technique. The greatest singers, for example, Renata Tebaldi, Enrico Caruso, among others, used this method. The greatest instrumentalists of the past also utilized this approach--Jascha Heifetz, Fritz Kreisler, Nathan Milstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Sergei Rachmaninoff, even (which may surprise some people) Glenn Gould, all played in this style. 

This approach is not only more satisfying musically, but is also physically and athletically correct, which allowed these performers to play without physical or mental antagonism, leading them to reach levels of expression and brilliance unequaled in our present day because this approach has been lost. We are bringing back this esoteric knowledge, which we have named the SFIM Method

SFIM accepts students on the basis of an interview and audition with members of our faculty. We teach all levels, from beginners starting their first music lessons to the most advanced levels--children to adults. 
SFIM has two Bay Area locations--San Francisco and downtown Palo Alto. Call us at (415) 665-2000, or email us at to arrange a visit.

Videos of students and faculty are posted on the SF Institute of Music channel on You Tube. Click on Video above.

                      The SFIM Method
A bel canto approach to instrumental mastery
                     and the art of music
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